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Giant coach: praise Mefield is not equal to criticizing Eli
On June 8th, cheap nfl jerseys from china the newly added Brown's external hand of Little Audel Beckham Jr. expressed the thumbs up to Baker Mayfield (Baker Mayfield). He said that Mefield arm has been able to make a corresponding adjustment, cheap nfl Jerseys From china the team environment and the giant of the five years have been completely different.

This kind of saying is difficult to think that Beckham is interested in unintentional in the four-point Wei Manning. But the giant coach Pat Shurmur does not look like this.

Shu Shi told reporters: "I think this is not criticizing Eli, but said that he likes the new team's environment. He is in harmony with his teammates, gradually integrating into the new community. I am happy for him. I think This is not said that Elays is not good, but he is expressing the love of the new environment. "