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    • - Players with VIP can only be linked.   Battleground - Disabled deathmatch. Enchantment System - Reduced cost of all enchantment from 15 radiant coins to 10 radiant coins (including vicious weapons).  - All weapons can be enchanted now (players will have a choice between physical or magic). - Added Rings Enchantment (Requirement: Awaken/Non-Awaken Rings, 1 catalyst stone ,  and 10 radiant coins). (Players can pick between these category and the enchant ranges from 2 - 10%) Cards - Changed Faceworm Larva card from "increase water property magic damage by 3% per refinement" to 2%. - Changed Moonlight card from "increase movement speed" to increase holy magic damage by 20%. - Changed Moonlight card slot from shoes to accessory. Equipment - Fixed description of sprint ring from "increase after cast delay" to decrease. - Changed Diabolus Robe to any class can wear. - Changed Diabolus Manteau  to any class can wear. - Changed Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb to any class can wear. Players - Added a custom delay to Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Fire Bolt, Jupiter Thunder, Soul Strike, Crimson Fire Petal, and Lightning Spear of Ice. Mages - Reduced Cold/Fire Bolt towards players by 30%. Monks - Increase Asura towards played by 30%. Bugs - Endless Cellar will properly give rewards when player's clear the instance. - Fixed Beginner NPC
    • Hi there, I am attach the image about important @alootid + for Infinite Instance, Hope this guide can help you.
    • Commands - Added @storage2 and @storage3 - Added @autotrade - Added @verifyInstance  to check SkyFortress and Cellar  Monsters - Increased drop rate of Valkyrian set from Valkyrie Rangris by 10%. - Increased drop rate of Diabolus set from Wounded Morroc by 10%. Card Changes - Changed Vesper Card from a headgear card to a weapon card, but reduced effects from 30% ignore boss-type monster's magic def to 20%. - Changed Atroce Card from chance to increase attack speed to chance to increase critical damage to 40%. - Changed Boss Ygnizem Card changed from 10% HP/SP to 20%. - Changed Eddga Card from -25% maxHP to -15% maxHP and Atk +10%. - Changed Golden Thief Bug Card from 80% reduction from magic to 70%. - Added 20% Magnus Exorciumus damage to White Lady card. - Removed - 10 agi from Infinite Tao Gun Ka Card and added maxHP +85% and SP +10%. Item Changes Weapons/Armor - Changed Elemental sword from level 3 weapon to level 4 weapon. - Sniping Suit can now be enchanted.  - Garrison can now be enchanted. - Changed Diabolus Ring from 7000 hp to 3000. Upper Headgears - All Custom/Donation Helmets (except for damage to bosses) has increase demi-human resist by 10%. - Changed Black Valkyrie Helmet from increase critical damage by 25% to 30%. - Changed Emerald Valkyrie Helmet from increase range damage by 20% to 25%. - Changed Amber Valkyrie Helmet from increase damage to bosses from 20% to 30%. - All Custom Helmets CERTAIN stats changed from +13 to +10. ( Ex: Str +13 changes to Str +10) - Changed Old Valkyrie Helmet Gold (including voting) from increase damage to bosses by 15% to 20%. - Changed Old Valkyrie Helmet Purple (including voting) from increase HP/SP +25%  to 20%. Middle Headgears - Changed Aether Inheritance/Void Whisper from 10% ignoring monster's defense to 20%. - Changed Avian Headpiece long range from increase range damage by 20% to 30%. - Changed Eternal Pauldrons from increase damage to demi-humans by 13% to 20%. - Changed Malevolent Force/Thorn from increase damage to bosses by 20% to 40%. - Changed Scorching Spirits from increase critical damage by 25% to 30%. - Changed Fenrir Remnants/Cosmos Blessing from increase damage to bosses from 15% to 30%. - Changed Luminous Sash from increase magic attack from 15% to 13%. Npc - Combined PvP Area and PvP Watch - Combined test dummies area 1 and 2 - Combined costume zeny shop and zeny headgear shop - Added costumes to KoE, Token, Vote, Hourly, and MvP Shop. Vicious Weapon Enchants - Reduced re-enchanted cost from 20 to 12. Battleground Shop (@go 40): - Added Catalyst Stone - Added Radiant Coins - Added Costumes - Added Usable - Glorious Equipment will be enchantable in the near-future. Class Balancing  Lord Knights - Bowling Bash been increased by 30% - Brandish Spear has been increased by  50% - Spiral Pierce has been increased by 50% Whitesmith - Cart Termination has been increased by 60% Paladin - Shield Chain has been increased by 20% Assassin Cross - Sonic Blow has been increased by 20% - Grimtooth has been increased by 20% - Soul Breaker has been increased by 30% - Changed soul link from 100% (2x) damage to 50% increase damage with sonic blow High Priest - Magnus Exorciumus has been increased by 40% - Magnus Exorciumus can damage any target that isn't holy. - Holy Light has been increased by 50% Creator - Increase Acid Demonstration by 30% - Homunculus can reach level 255 Champion - Increased Extremity Fist by 15% - Capped Extremity First by 6,300 SP. Stalker - Strip Weapon, Shield, Armor, Helmet can bypass FCP by 15%. Instances Endless Cellar  - Rewards: Each party member will receive 15 radiant coins, 10 event tokens, and 1 catalyst. The last hit on the final boss will get 10 radiant coins.  - Buffed the custom MvP's on the map Old GlastHeim Hard - Buffed the mobs  Bug Fixes - Fixed Abyss Aura location description from "upper" to "lower". - Fixed some MvP's not counting towards MvP points ( Kiel D-01, Gopinish and Incantation Samurai). - Fixed rod (can equip 4 cards now instead of 3). - Fixed Vicious 2-H sword (can equip 3 cards now instead of 1). - Fixed name displays to match quest NPC dialog (Dark Red Lump, Ba Gua, Illusion Mineral, Faded Notation Green/Red/Purple/Blue). - Added item description for costume of Will o Wisp, Spirit of Green Maiden, Moon and Star, and World Star.  
    • I got list for the infinity instance. But maybe tomorrow I will PM you. 😃
    • Events - Fixed safety wall chance of not spawning a wall (let us know if it happens) NPC - Added a MvP Shop NPC (Counts starts today) - Added costumes to Event, Vote, and Hourly shops - Added Basic Shop Equipment/Cards - Spell enchants on temporal boots changes from "cast time" to "after cast delay" - STR temporal boots changed from "ATK + 50" to "ATK + 5%" - DEX temporal boots, we removed fixed cast bonus - AGI temporal boots changed from "ASPD + 1" to "Flee + 5%" - LUK temporal boots changed from "Crit Dmg + 30%" to "Crit Dmg +20%" - Changed Sealed TGK from "50% HP" to "75% HP" - Changed all of Giant Snake Skin bonuses of +10 refinement from "cast time" to their adjust stats based on the special stones (Please check at the bottom: https://www.radiant-ro.com/forum/index.php?/topic/29-quick-faceworms-nest-guide/) Monsters - Kiel and Satan Morroc variance time is fixed Players - Crit Dmg got reduced by 40% Sniper - Sharpshoot damage increased by 60%